Why you should focus on the new Hyperloop One

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Why you should focus on the new Hyperloop One

Vivek Varyani
August 3rd, 2017

Floating in the vacuum, levitating in mid air,  a company called space X, – this may sound to you a lot like space travel. However, this is actually about a concept called the Hyperloop, a train that will help countries optimise infrastructure for quicker more efficient transport.


So what is the Hyperloop exactly?

The California-based transport innovation firm, Hyperloop One, is working on making train pods that can travel between countries at high speeds and low running costs. The project aims to provide trains that will travel at speeds of up to 750 mph. The concept already has huge amounts of funding and backing from 23 investors, including the tech giants  Tesla.


Who are the founders?

The idea of the Hyperloop became real with the formation of the company in 2014, led by the founders Shervin Pishwar & Brogan Bambrogan. A public company, Hyperloop one has raised a total of $152 million in funding, the latest being $50 million raised on October 13, 2016.


How fast can the Hyperloop go?

The Hyperloop aims to reach speeds of 750 mph but will aim to function and come into service at speeds of 650 mph. For now, however, the Hyperloop has managed to reach 192 mph in its latest test. A speed that is only bettered by the Japanese Bullet train, r which travels at 200 mph.




Are the Hyperloops safe?

Considering the fact that you are travelling in an enclosed tube within a vacuum, one might be sceptical of the technology that goes behind it. However, as the train travels within a vacuum,  this provides protection from external weather conditions and disasters,  also limiting l noise and turbulence related to travel. In short, it’s as safe and comfortable as it can get!


What’s so good about it?

Apart from the fact that it’s an awesome train that travels at a high speed through vacuum across cities and countries, whilst also levitating on magnetic tracks like a hover board,  the Hyperloop train is emission free and doesn’t rely on any non-renewable resources. So it’s also green for the environment.


The Hyperloop is definitely the next big thing that is set to come up soon in the world of travel and technology, and although it is pretty expensive to construct, once it is set up, Travelling will get a lot more quick, convenient and most importantly sustainable.


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