5 Xbox games that will glue you to your TV

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5 Xbox games that will glue you to your TV

Vivek Varyani
August 14th, 2017

2017 has been a year of good games. Lovers of all kinds of genres have been satisfied with a vast majority of releases It’s difficult to condense down the best games on an Xbox as everyone has their own tastes. However over here, we’ve tried our best to summate them all, and show you the top 5 Xbox games that you shouldn’t miss out on.



The online fantasy multiplayer shooting game includes all that we like in an Xbox One game. It has fantastic first player shooting, excellent graphics, and an interesting sci-fi fantasy theme. Gaming fans might remember the hype that came with the release of Destiny, touted as being a revolutionary sci-fi game. Although the game might not have lived up to the bill, one cannot deny its amazing gameplay and graphics. A fantastic multiplayer first person shooter, the game provides some exciting plot lines and a lot of action.



However, the game does fail to combine all of its aspects and features into a complete experience. An abrupt ending to the game has also left gamers a little confused. Still one of the best overall fantasy games, Destiny would be recommended to people with an interest in fantasy multiplayer shooting games that are looking for a unique experience when playing an MMO.


What Remains of Edith Finch

A first person narrative adventure game, What Remains of Edith Finch is the story of the Finch family and their ‘miserable’ lives. Players have said that the game is something totally different to what they’ve played before. What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of short stories, on the lives of the Finch family and their experiences since the 1900s to present day. The family is struck by tragedy throughout the timeline, and as you play as the many different characters of the Finch family, you know that their death is inevitable. With every character portraying a totally different story, Edith Finch is left as the last family member alive.



Without revealing too much, the game and really puts things into perspective,  leaving many gamers awestruck.  The sound is the only factor that we think can be improved, in comparison to the near perfect gameplay and story. What remains of Edith Finch, is one of the newest and most ‘awe’ some games on Xbox. Thus easily finding its way onto our list of top 5 games.


Forza Horizon 3

Developed by playground games, Forza Horizon is an open world racing game, based in Australia, and is arguably the best racing game available on the Xbox One. Horizon 3 has a playing map that is twice as big as Horizon 2, giving you the opportunity to drive a 4×4, Lamborghini Aventador, or even a genuine BMW 5 series through all of the different and diverse terrains. The sound, gameplay, and story are spot on.




Considering you’re the Boss in this edition of Forza, you can conduct any types of races you want to participate in. If you want to have an exclusive Aston Martin race over the desert at midnight, you got it, boss. You can customise almost everything, from your car colours to number-plates. Graphic details of damages and dirt that fall on the car are also impressively realistic. Fantastic terrain and beautiful sceneries are one of the strongest pulls of the game, whether it be the city skyline, the muddy fields, or even the sunset on the beach, you are truly going to enjoy driving your beloved cars through them.


Online Multiplayer is also a very good feature included in the game., it gives you an option to roam the free online world, as well take part in online races and events. All this without any trace of lag or glitches. Forza Horizon is the best racing game that the Xbox has ever seen. Period. Do you agree?


Sniper Elite IV

Even after playing most of the Call of Duties, Battlefields, and even Medal of honours, there’s nothing that came close to Sniper Elite 4. When landing that perfect shot, there is a high level of disturbing satisfaction, that all true shooter gamers will know. The visuals during every shot complement the audio effects that go with it. The only negative that can be taken out from the game is that the story might not be as gripping as one would expect. Considering it’s a Sniper game, you would hope it would deliver a high action, suspense driven story in abundance. For us, however, Sniper Elite has its reticles slightly off and fires wide of the mark.




Based in Italy during WWII, the game allows players to kill off Nazi enemies. But wait a second, these enemies are much smarter in this version than the last. Improved slight sounds in this version enable enemies to identify a sniper’s location. All this has made the game more realistic and frankly exciting. With a still relatively decent story, excellent gameplay, sound, and graphics, Sniper Elite is a paradise for shooting game lovers.


Far Cry 4

Released in 2014 Far Cry 4 has received amazing reviews by almost everyone who played the game. One of the best first player story and shooting games, this has to be up there with the best Xbox games ever. Based in Nepal, the game follows the life of Ajay Ghale and his evil antagonist, Pagan Min. The game promises fantastic views, side missions, weapons, and crafting tasks. The gameplay and story mode are also pretty engaging and is quite frankly a gamers delight. A first person game, you are allowed to free roam around the hills in Nepal, hunt animals, and craft weapons and armoury.




Interesting missions, varied side missions, good guns, hunting animals, killing villains, boating, swimming, and riding a buzzer in the air, this game includes all elements of what makes a great free world game!


In all, no matter what kind of Games you like, these games are sure to surprise you with how good they are. Until a new wave of excellent games come out, these are the top 5 games so far in 2017.


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