Are robots stealing our dance moves?

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Are robots stealing our dance moves?

Tatiana A. Dias
August 29th, 2017

Elon Musk says artificial intelligence poses a greater risk to humanity than North Korea. Robots are already taking lots of human jobs. Bill Gates has therefore said that it will be necessary for organisations to pay a “robot tax” as they progressively substitute workers with automation. Now it looks like even break dancers will have to watch their backs…


Yes, sir, they can boogie!

On August 18, a group of dancing Dobi robots broke the Guinness World Record for most robots dancing simultaneously. There were 1,069 rhythmically endured the gruelling dance routine. The group demonstration was almost flawless, even with some dancers losing their footing. Those that did not make it to the end were struck off the total number and were probably shunned by their automatic peers. The outcome is either a delightful display of what toys can do with new technology or a tragic preview of our robot overlords entertaining the masses!


The synchronised robot dance, in a square in China’s Guangzhou, was actually a business strategy — an advertising move by WL Intelligent Technology Co. It hosted the event as a way to show off its robot technology. Obviously, their advertising technique worked a treat.



The dance moves are really cute since the robots are small enough to be toy-sized, but their synchronised routine is nearly militaristic, and the perfect synchronisation makes this dance routine downright uncanny.


The surprisingly complex dance routine helped the company beat the previous dancing robot record. The record was set in July 2016 and held by Ever Win Company & Ltd. with 1,007 robots dancing simultaneously. Despite the fact that it is no longer the record, the robots had arguably better dance moves. But style does not beat substance, so their record is gone.


What to expect from the dancing robots?

The robots retail for $329.99 and are controlled via one group system. Each one of them has 17 joints — all for move busting – and the cutest dot-matrix LED eyes. The robots possess multiple talents — not only having the ability to dance, but also talk, do push ups, respond to voice commands and perform tai chi.


Could this be an original vision of the future where robots are not only stealing our jobs, but also our sweet dance moves? Only time will tell…


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“ Could this be an original vision of the future where robots are not only stealing our jobs, but also our sweet dance moves? ”

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