Would you trust a robotic chef in your kitchen?

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Would you trust a robotic chef in your kitchen?

Alfred Gilbert
August 30th, 2017

Whether you love or hate being in the kitchen, there is no denying that it is central to our everyday lives. And behind every great kitchen is a great chef… right?


Well not anymore! Imagine having a personal chef who is on hand 24 hours a day to satisfy your cravings. Full English breakfast on a weekday morning – it can manage. A midnight feast fit for a game of thrones marathon – no issue. This culinary revolution is set to change the way we think about cooking and our kitchens.


And the use of ‘it’ to describe the above is very important for understanding this revolution. Prepare yourselves, the robots are now entering the kitchen!

Robotic Chefs are Coming!

Moley Robotics have created what they are dubbing the “the world’s first robotic kitchen”. The system has been designed to resemble how you would expect a normal kitchen to appear. An oven, two-hobs and a sink, it all seems very normal, and well, quite honestly, mundane!




However, suspended above the work-surface will be a set of highly versatile and specialised robotic arms, in-built with the culinary flair and skills that are required for producing a variety of delicious meals. The arms will be able to whip up your favourite dishes as and when you desire. All you have to do is select your meal, sit-back, and watch the dismembered robotic chef get to work!


Meals can be selected from an app or smartphone for simple control of the robotic kitchen. As the bot has been programmed to mirror techniques it has learnt from a collection of world-renowned chefs, the robot’s menu choices go well beyond a standard weekday pasta-pesto.


When Will it be Available?

With a commercial release date planned for 2018, this robotic kitchen may soon be heading to houses around you. Is it something that you are keen to invest it, or do you want to keep your kitchen as your domain?


Linked below is a video outlining some of the features of Moley Robotics kitchen, and how it will fit in with commercial properties:


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“ Robotic chefs will be able to whip up your favourite dishes as and when you desire, removing any need for human's in the kitchen. ”

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