Top 6 best-paying STEM jobs in the UK

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Top 6 best-paying STEM jobs in the UK

Tatiana A. Dias
August 31st, 2017

Recent research has found that STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) graduates can earn nearly 20% more than their colleagues, at an average of £26,023 per year.


Most people like to choose their university degree based on a love of a subject, but, if you are uncertain, it is always useful to know what opportunities are actually available.


If you are looking for a well-paid position in STEM, then you are in luck. Not only are there vast amounts of opportunities available within these sectors, starting pay rates are also, in the majority, very high. All that you need to do, is work out the role that best suits your skills.


The following list covers everything from entry level roles to top executive jobs, so it is a good barometer of STEM earning potentials. To ensure you are not passing up a major opportunity, here are six of the best-paying STEM fields and some examples of these lucrative jobs!


6. Mathematics

Average pay: £39,010

Jobs you can get: Finance worker, accountant, banker, academic, statistician

In the same way as the other degrees in the top 6, there is a lack of maths graduates in the UK right now, allowing those who are here to demand a higher salary. Maths degrees are also a great starter for breaking into lucrative careers like banking or finance. It is also good for working in technology — a boom area right now.


5. Mechanical engineering

Average pay: £39,106

Jobs you can get: Aerospace, defence, automotive, and construction engineer

Candidates with engineering degrees are, as a rule, hard to find, in much the same way as maths students. Because of this, the government is trying to specifically encourage people to get into engineering at an early age.




4. Science

Average pay: £40,409

Jobs you can get: Pharmaceuticals industry, chemical engineering, finance

The government are trying to provide a further boost to more scientific entrepreneurship in the UK through initiatives such as MedCity and the Francis Crick Institute. Like each of the degrees in this list, the technical and highly-skilled nature of science means graduates can command higher salaries.


3. Computer science

Average pay: £41,950

Jobs you can get: Developer, systems administrator, IT consultant

While a significant number of the most successful figures in Technology are actually computer science drop outs, those who do graduate are expected to also do well. With technology touching an ever increasing number of industries, the need for people who can write a good database or assemble a beautiful website is on the up.


2. Engineering

Average pay: £42,837

Jobs you can get: Aerospace, defence, automotive, chemical, and construction engineer; patent officer; management consulting

Just like their mechanical kin, there is currently more demand for engineers in general than there is supply. An engineering degree, although less specialised, is seen by some employers as more complete than a mechanical engineering degree. There is therefore even more of a scramble for those who hold engineering degrees, meaning the pay is a bit higher.


1. Civil engineering

Average pay: £44,851

Jobs you can get: Civil engineer, surveyor, site engineer, structural engineer, environmental consultant

At the top of the pile are those with civil engineering degrees. These are the guys who build the infrastructure that we rely on each day Not only do they work in highly skilled roles, but the current boom in skyscrapers across London, and huge infrastructure projects like Crossrail and HS2 means there is a lot of high-paying work for civil engineers.


Whether you want to work in engineering, computer development, or science, a STEM career will give you a platform for long-term success, and, as can be seen from the above, likely more money!


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“ If you are looking for a well-paid position in STEM, then you are in luck. ”

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