Google’s Most Asked ‘How To’ Questions.

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Google’s Most Asked ‘How To’ Questions.

Jordan Letchford
September 5th, 2017

Can you remember a time when Google wasn’t the ‘go to’ thing when a question had to be answered? Going to the library, reading a book or asking anybody that you knew for the answer – these were your staple knowledge sources.


Who’d have thought you’d have an entire world’s worth of knowledge sitting in your pocket in just a decade from its founding? Before you rush off to Google to see what the most ‘How To’ questions are, don’t because I’ve got them right here! So turn off your notifications and let’s have a look at what the most searched ‘How To’ questions are on google.


1) How To Tie A Tie

Tying a tie is proven to be a difficult task. Many people cannot seem to do this without the assistance of a person, which has now shifted to the assistance of google. Having to complete this activity is a task many of us have to do throughout school and our working life, yet it still proves to be an issue. Unlike riding a bike, this is something a lot of people seem to forget, and many still rely on their friend google to give them a hand when nobody else is around.


2) How To Kiss

Kissing is a fundamental part of being in a relationship and it is a way many people show their affection. A person’s lips and tongues are full of nerve endings, which help intensify the dizzying, mind blowing feeling that we describe as being in love. When we kiss, the sensation described is just like an explosion going off inside our mouths. Even though this is something that everybody assumes will be easy, this is clearly not the case as ‘how to kiss’ comes in at number two on the most-searched list.



3) How To Get Pregnant

All of the teachers who have to teach sex-education at school would be giving out a lot of detentions to their pupils if they knew that the third most popular ‘How To’ question on Google is ‘How To Get Pregnant’. This is something that is quite concerning for the population considering there are over 3.5 billion searches on Google a day! If we bear in mind that this is something that is mandatory to be taught in school, it’s surprising that it features so high on the list. However, if Google wants to answer questions about the birds and the bees then I guess it will… It saves some parents a lot of embarrassment!


4) How To Lose Weight

Nearly one-third of the world’s 7.5 billion people are considered to be overweight or obese. So the fact that social media portrays a lot of celebrities in certain lights, and celebrates certain body-types, makes many people doubt their self-image. It is for this reason that I am not surprised that this is so high up on Google’s search list.


Evolution tells us that we originally preferred riper fruit to unripened due to the fact that it had more sugar and therefore would have given us more energy. As well as having more sugar, it also allowed our bodies to store more fat, which was highly beneficial in evolutionary terms. However, this perspective has changed over time. Neuroscientists have stated that whilst we eat sugary products, dopamine is released in the brain which our body associates with motivation, novelty and reward. This then leads us to the addictiveness of sugar and to why nearlyone-thirdd of the population is overweight. Who would have thought that a chocolate bar could be so dangerous!



5) How To Draw

You can probably draw on a page before you can write, but being able to write understandably becomes more important. The answer to the question itself is self-explanatory, and would compare to questions such as ‘How To Play A Guitar’? You pick up a Guitar and spend time practicing. ‘How To Play Basketball’? You pick up a ball and start playing with it. So why do people feel the need to ask the question, ‘How To Draw’, when all they really need to do is pick up a pen or pencil and get going! It’s surprising to see this question so high on Google’s search list, but who wouldn’t want to be able to draw up a masterpiece?




The top five most searched ‘How To’ questions on Google range from worrying for the population, to cute helpful queries, and through to the want for self-improvement. There could have been sillier questions in this list, but there could also have been smarter ones! Google doesn’t judge our questions and that is why we go to it for the answers we need and for that, we thank you Google.


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“ If Google wants to answer questions about the birds and the bees then I guess it will… It saves some parents a lot of embarrassment! ”

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