Artificial Intelligence Is On The Rise

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Artificial Intelligence Is On The Rise

Jordan Letchford
September 6th, 2017

Artificial Intelligence is only seen in sci-fi films, right? Predictions of the future in films are hardly ever accurate. Just take a look at the prediction that we would have flying cars in 2015 made in ‘Back To The Future II’. However, in this article, we are actually looking into something very different – a real life technological advancement. We’re going to explore the very-real chance that Artificial Intelligence could become part of our every day lives in the not so distant future.


The technological advancements that have taken place in the last decade have been advancing at an exponential rate. One hundred years ago, the items we take for granted now were not even invented. Items such as the microwave, a CD, a mobile phone, the Internet and even sliced bread, were yet to grace the planet, yet now there are talks of Artificial Intelligence being part of the government! With the rate that technological advancements are happening at, the world will most likely be a completely different place in ten years time, let alone in the next hundred.


Even though people are beginning to warm to the idea of artificial intelligence, most people are still skeptical of allowing it into their home due to the fact that ‘the robots’ have always been seen as the enemy that will one day cause the ending of humanity if they manage to outsmart humankind. However, the advantages that artificial intelligence merging with the public could bring should really be explored.


Every industry will be transformed due to artificial intelligence. The majority of the jobs and the industries that artificial intelligence will enter will change drastically because of broad ranging technological advancements. Research suggests that 66 percent of the British public believe that robots will be working within the government by the year 2037. Decision-making with Parliamentent could take on a completely different process if left down to something that was designed by a creator to act in a certain way. Robots are created to be emotionless, leading to all of their decisions to be carried out in a theoretically objective manor. This analytical viewpoint could have negative repercussions in certain circumstances if left unmanaged.




Slowly, the consumer is being introduced to Artificial Intelligence. At the moment, we are all consumed by artificial intelligence that is present on our mobile devices. This is the technology that a lot of smart phones now have, such as the personal assistants ‘Siri’, ‘Cortana’ and ‘Elexa’. One of the most recent stories from the field was the termination of Facebook’s A.I. robots due to the fact that it invented its own language. The Facebook team found it impossible to track the A.I. language back to English, proving that it is possible for the technology to go off from what it has been programmed to do, in a secretive and scary manner!


 The growth of Artificial Intelligence is undeniable, but the development is not always in the public eye. In the next five years, Accenture has predicted that the Artificial Intelligence market is going to grow more than ten times its current state, valued at more than $6.6 billion.




Artificial Intelligence can help bring benefits to current jobs, and improve businesses with the way that they work. The main barrier to development in the United Kingdom, however, is the threat that AI poses to job security. Humans currently spend one-third of their lives at work, and if there was to be something created that could do the work of a human, quicker, more efficiently, and at a one off cost, we would likely to see the job world transform.


There is no denying that artificial intelligence is on the rise, with the introduction of home assistants, driverless cars and human beating ‘Go’ robots. The best way for A.I to be utilized in businesses is to find out where it will be most effective and where it improves the customers’ overall experience. If the public gains trust, then we may all be welcoming a new household robot into the family!


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“ One of the most recent stories from the field was the termination of Facebook’s A.I. robots due to the fact that it invented it’s own language. ”

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