Top 5 all electric vehicles you should consider getting your hands on

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Top 5 all electric vehicles you should consider getting your hands on

Vivek Varyani
September 6th, 2017

Fossil fuels and its use has been one of the main causes of global warming. Carbon emissions due to the use of fossil fuels have been a cause for great concern among scientists and environmentalists alike. We take a look at the top 5 cars that improve sustainability and are greener for the environment.


Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe has been included in the list because it provides best value-for-money overall. Starting from £14,000, the car provides all that you would expect from a compact electric car. It is incredibly quiet, releases zero emissions and has a decent range of 130 miles.


Renault Zoe electric car


The Zoe seats 4 people and has enough leg space behind. Parking the small car is convenient. It also has a surprisingly strong turning wheel for an electric car. Speed and pick up might not be Zoe’s cup of tea, However, it is one of the most convenient electric cars when it comes to getting the basic thing right. The cheapest on the list, the Renault Zoe unlike some of its competitors provides real value for money.


Nissan Leaf

The new Nissan Leaf is set to release in 2018. It will be powered by a 40kw lithium ion battery. The car also promises to give a range of 150 miles on the full charge, which is 40% more than its current existing model. It is believed that the car will be priced between the range of £22,000- £24,000 in the UK. The Nissan Leaf promises Zero emissions and is completely electric. With the car, you get the option of a single pedal driving experience. The single pedal feature allows you to ignite the engine, accelerate and brake, all while using just one pedal.




The Nissan Leaf is a compact town car that can go about small lanes in towns and cities alike. With minimalistic interiors, the car provides a much open experience to the driver inside the car. Comfortable and quiet, the Nissan Leaf is a nice little family car that looks good and is one for the environment.


Volkswagen E-Golf

One of the more daring cars in the electric range, The Volkswagen e-golf is also a zero emission car. You can buy one for yourself at around £27,000 in UK stores. Powered by a 100 kWh battery, the e-golf has a top speed of 93 mph. The car uses a fast charge system, that can re-charge up to 80% of its capacity in just 45 minutes.


VW e golf exterior


The car has a range of 187 miles which is more than enough to suffice daily commute. The German company’s electrified centrepiece, also boast great interiors, with a high-end air conditioning and heating system. German engineering, partnered with green technology, this car is an amalgamation of what any environmentally conscious car lover needs in their car.


BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a beast of a car, with a green heart. The car is about the size of a Ford Fiesta, but feels much more spacious and higher when sitting inside. Regarded as a ‘Megacity’ car, the BMW i3 is truly remarkable for an electric car. Also available in a petrol Hybrid, the BMW i3 has a range of 190 miles on its electric model.  Made out of carbon fibre, the BMW is much lighter than many of its competitors. It is about 300kgs lighter than the Nissan Leaf allowing it to travel quite a few miles further.


BMW exterior sunset


With fantastic eye-catching exteriors, the BMW i3 is perfect for work in the city and lighter travels. Priced at £27,800 in the UK, the BMW i3 is available at higher discounts in the UK. The i3 also has amazing interiors that provide comfort as well as ease in driving. An eco-friendly luxurious BMW, your choices don’t get better than that.


Tesla Model S

Well, electric cars don’t get any better than the Tesla model S. The Car gives you a 17.2-inch touch screen on the front which is really convenient. The Model S is truly a remarkable car and is the best option on this list if you can afford it though. Priced at £60,000 the Tesla is probably a tad bit too expensive but does definitely provide with unmatched luxuries in an electric vehicle. Features such as the Tesla autopilot also allow the Tesla to take over driving while you can just sit back and relax.


TEsla Model S red


The Car also provides with comfortable and ambient interiors that give a luxurious feel. The Model S might be expensive, but it is the best Electric vehicle out there. Period. The worlds fastest SUV is an all electric car. S pick up that is better than the Lamborghini Aventador over 60 m, falcon winged rear doors and a range of 350 miles, the Tesla Model X is the best electric car money can buy. Period. We all know how Tesla is leading the race in electric cars, and its success is being defined by this car. Available at £76,700 in the UK, the Tesla X is the most sought after electric car on the market.


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