Can your routines be killing you?

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Can your routines be killing you?

Tatiana A. Dias
September 15th, 2017

Do you think you are in control of your schedule? Well, hold on, you just want to reconsider! Your body has evolved to follow a natural rhythm and sticking closer to that routine can help keep you in tiptop shape. Here are our top tips for staying healthy, and creating a body-conscious routine.


Calling all the coffee lovers

Sipping caffeine is best done early in the day. Drank later, it can reset your body’s clock and prevent sleep. If you’re sure you can take a shot of espresso at 8 pm and be sleeping by 10 pm, try avoiding caffeine for a few weeks to see what a really good night of rest feels like.


Is it food time already?

It’s best to eat your largest meal early. Insulin —the hormone that regulates metabolism—peaks in the first half of the day, then progressively drops. So, your blood sugar is less likely to escalate after a big breakfast than after a similar dinner.


Get enough zzz’s

Around 8 or 9 pm, our bodies start to cool down, and we sleep better when we have a low core body temperature. But how much shut-eye is ideal? Studies demonstrate that those who get six and a half to eight hours are less prone to die prematurely. Eight hours seems to be perfect.


Fit as a fiddle

While some people swear by early-morning runs, muscle tone is maximum around 5 pm.


Be creative

The evolution of language, religion, and philosophy all started with late-night chats! Research suggests there is still a distinctive cast (distinctive cast? I don’t really understand) to our nocturnal insights. So, save that short story, you have been meaning to write for a dark and restless night.


Release your inner genius

Scientists think we reach highest awareness between 10 am and 2 pm, with a peak around noon. For the initial hours after we wake, our fundamental organs have priority. Once they are fully functioning, our brain has the opportunity to monopolise on some extra energy.


If you find yourself doing these habits daily, you may want to rethink your routines. Following the body’s natural rhythm may help you get into the best shape of your life!


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“ Your body has evolved to follow a natural rhythm and sticking closer to that routine can help keep you in tiptop shape. ”

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