Extinct Animals You Wouldn’t Believe Existed

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Extinct Animals You Wouldn’t Believe Existed

Jordan Letchford
September 19th, 2017

It is estimated that between 200 and 2,000 species of animal go extinct every year. This has been happening since the dawn of time. Whether it is due to natural causes, predators, or down to mankind, animals are going extinct year on year no matter how we try and prevent this. Because of this, there have been some extremely peculiar animals to grace our planet. We take a look at our top 5:


1) Megalodon

The Megalodon was a species of Shark that ruled the oceans around 23 to 26 million years ago. Scientists predict that the mighty beast looked like a stockier version of the fearsome Great White Shark. Fossils suggest that the Megalodon was a massive 23-25 meters long. Many theorists suggest that the beast has moved down to the depths of the ocean, meaning it isn’t actually extinct. If it has, let’s hope it stays there!





2) Woolly Rhino

If you imagine a rhino covered in hair like a shaggy dog, then you’re envisaging a Woolly Rhino. Roaming across Europe, Asia and North Africa 3.5 Million years ago, this beast would have shared its territory with the Woolly Mammoth. Early humans hunted this creature, making it a common subject of the cave art still seen today.





3) Moa Moa

The Moa Moa was an emu like bird that stood up to four metres tall. This bird fell prey to the Haast’s Eagle. Despite the giant bird being hunted by the eagle, it wasn’t this form of hunting that drove it to extinction. It was the hunting by humans that made the animal disappear. A trend might be developing here…





4) Pseudo Toothed Bird

The Pseudo Toothed Bird is known for being amongst one of the largest birds to have ever lived. They had a wingspan of 5-6 meters and dominated their ocean territories. The early humans missed encountering these birds by the smallest fraction of the evolutionary time.





5) Platybelodon

The Platybelodon is one of the Elephants ancestors that roamed the planet around 15 million years ago. Many people think that an Elephants trunk is a weird concoction, but the Platybelodon’s mouth was just like the elephant’s trunk. These animals were herbivores and were known for sifting off bark and leaves from the trees.




Extremely interesting animals have roamed our planet, some of which would have been interesting to see, and some that would be dangerous to encounter. It’s always a tragedy when an animal goes extinct, but I for one am glad there is no longer a 25-metre shark roaming around the ocean! Or is there…


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“ It is estimated that between 200 and 2,000 species of animal go extinct every year. ”

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