5 Things That Are Making People Dislike You Instantly

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5 Things That Are Making People Dislike You Instantly

Alfred Gilbert
September 21st, 2017

Scientists have created a list of 12 habits that are proven to make people instantly dislike you. There are a couple on this list that we are guilty of on this dislikes list. Take a look at our top 5, and see if you’re falling into any of these social traps?


Dislike 1 – Sharing too many photos on Facebook

Serial selfie uploader? Just love sharing ‘cute’ pictures of your dog? Well, stop! A 2013 study found that posting too many images on Facebook can impact your real-life relationships negatively.

The research found that, other than close friends and family, people don’t seem to relate well to those who share a lot of images of themselves and their daily-life.

In a cruel twist, this has also been found to deter your nearest and dearest! Friends don’t like too many family photos, and family don’t like too many photos of friends. You can’t win!



Dislike 2 – Having a hard-to-pronounce name

We think this one is a little harsh, but, it turns out people don’t like exotic and tongue-twisting names. Away with your Michelangelo and Esmeralda, give us Mike and Emma!

Researchers have found that a complex first or second name can act as a barrier to friendship as people find it harder to connect with you. It can also affect people’s perception of you prior to your meeting.

This was confirmed via an experiment where a person with the same skill set was asked about their suitability for a role but was given a different name to test subjects. The applicant with the easier name was chosen much more readily than the complex one. Never seemed so attractive to be Joe Bloggs or John Smith did it?


Dislike 3 – Not smiling

No matter how uncomfortable you may feel about your smile, or self-conscious you are about that new brace ( the specific example we know, but we’re not used to it yet okay!), you need to smile in public.




Results from a test at the University of Wyoming found that a photo of a smiling person was universally preferred to that of one that wasn’t, no matter the context or setting of the image.

On top of this, a further study concluded that smiling at a person will help them better remember you. So, shoulders back and get let’s see those pearly whites. It’s time to make friends.


Dislike 4 – Humblebragging

Ah, the humblebrag. It’s a classic. You may think it’s a very sneaky way of impressing potential friends or employers, but it turns out that it may be turning them off!

One classic example of where humblebrags are regularly used is for the interview question: “what is your one biggest weakness?”

Independent research on this question has found that those who provide a sincere answer, are much more likely to get hired than those who try and hide a skill or positive character trait within their answer.


So, don’t be afraid to open yourself up to someone in conversation and let them see the real you. They are much more likely to like you if you do!



Dislike 5 – Name-dropping


We’ve all been in a conversation where we’ve seen it. Someone chomping at the bit to work a story into a conversation about how they know someone famous. Talking about what you are having for dinner? They’ve had dinner with David Beckham. Did you see an old friend at the train station? They sat next to queen on their morning commute (maybe a bit far-fetched, but you get the picture).


Researchers, therefore, warn socialites from name-dropping as it will more than likely back-fire. A study found that the stronger association you try to create between yourself and a famous person, the less likely a person is to like you. This is largely because of the fact that name-dropping is seen as a manipulative social tool. So, keep it quiet – the fact that you saw Ryan Gosling in Tesco should work its way out naturally into conversation. You’ll get your chance!


So there you have it. 5 key things that you may be doing that are driving people away from you in the eyes of science. Do you agree with the list we have provided, and are there any other traits you think we have missed out? Let us know what you think through Twitter, Instagram, or drop us a message on Facebook.


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“ Researchers have found that a complex first or second name can act as a barrier to friendship as people find it harder to connect with you ”

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