The Selfie Generation – What Is It?

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The Selfie Generation – What Is It?

Jordan Letchford
September 21st, 2017

With the introduction of front facing cameras on ‘smart phones’, the selfie evolution began. It was from this moment that the selfie generation was born. With filters, trends, and challenges involving the selfie, why would you not take a few snaps when it’s so easy to do? With this being said, psychologists have categorically stated that people in the selfie generation are just awful people. Controversial, right?!


Decades ago, people would be famous for having a talent. In 2017, it seems as though people can be famous for simply being themselves and promoting that fact. With the rise of social media came the rise in exposure for ‘ordinary’ people. This has enabled people to become famous by acquiring a certain amount of followers on social media, and it has encouraged them to take more photos of themselves. If somebody has a healthy Instagram, it could lead to potential work and the ability to become ‘insta-famous’.


If somebody feels as though they are looking good, or they want to check what they are looking like whilst out, if they don’t have a mirror then they are most probably going to get there phone out and take a quick snap of themselves.


Since 2014, there has been an extortionate amount of deaths due to trying to capture the perfect shot, at 49 selfie related fatalities. In 2015 alone, there were twenty-eight deaths; a number much higher than some ‘classic’ endings. For example, less people died climbing Mount Everest (15), and less people died during a shark attack (8), than they did by selfie! This highlights the mentality that some people have whilst trying to take a photo. They will get those likes no matter what cost.




With the selfie trend growing fast, this has now started to affect how we actually feel about our aesthetics and ourselves. With celebrities paving the way of how you ‘should’ look, people are now trying to replicate this. It is a trend that many of us would now just call ‘normal’. However, when there are people who differ from what society thinks people should look like, they cannot help themselves from questioning whether they are wrong for being unique.


The selfie generation were born at the turn of the century. The generation where front facing cameras aren’t a novelty, they browse the Internet affordably from any location, and they have reality shows for every conceivable aspect of ‘life’.

Their culture is taking over the younger generation, and it will be interesting to see what their children are like if they are raised by parents who have been brought up in a world that forced them to be so self-aware and obsessed.


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“ With the selfie trend growing fast, this has now started to affect how we actually feel about our aesthetics and ourselves. ”

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