Water Has Been Found On Mars

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Water Has Been Found On Mars

Jordan Letchford
October 3rd, 2017

Mars – aka The Red Planet – is around 54.6 million kilometres away from Earth. There has recently been a ground-breaking discovery on the planet, as researchers have found ice in areas where water shouldn’t scientifically be able to exist! But what does this actually mean?


It was previously thought that hydrogen was present on mars, but only in the high atmosphere.


Our understanding of scientific laws meant many believed it was impossible for water to be present on the planet’s surface. However, a team of researchers from the John Hopkin’s University, may have just disproved this!


As part of their studies, the team worked on improving the resolution of old images of Mars. Through this, they could see the intricacies and of the red planets surface like never before. Highly detailed and extremely confusing!





The team saw signs of ‘significant hydration’ near the equator of the planet. Against everything that science would tell us, the scientists knew that this proved there was water on the planet’s surface.


The current speculation is about how the water is being kept there. Most people think the water is being protected by an ice and dust mix that is passing around the lower-atmosphere.


If this is true, then it could prove to be beneficial for future trips to Mars. Having water already on the planet would mean that less water mass would have to be transported on rockets, providing more room for essential materials and fuels.


With the announcement of water on Mars, lets see if it becomes a race to see who can become the first person to take a drink from the red planet.



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“ It was previously thought that hydrogen was present on mars, but only in the high atmosphere. ”

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