Gates gives up on Windows phone

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Gates gives up on Windows phone

Sean Monaghan
October 10th, 2017

Yet another kick in the guts for the Windows phone has come from an unlikely source, the Microsoft founder himself, Bill Gates.


Billionaire Gates admitted in an interview on FOX news Sunday that even he has ditched the phone for an Android device. This isn’t great news for frustrated Windows Phone users around the world, who have been waiting for the company to allow popular apps, like Snapchat, to become available.


Since buying the Nokia handset business in 2014 for $7.2bn (£5.5bn), Microsoft have failed to make sales.  In 2016, Windows powered phones accounted for less than 1% of global smartphone sales.




A culmination of factors has plagued the handsets, a key point being the inability of the mobile’s operating system to support popular apps such as Tinder, Reddit, Snapchat and countless other consumer favourites.


The tycoon did reveal, however, that his phone does have a series of windows powered apps. Windows 10, the latest operating system by Microsoft, can be used on mobile, tablets and computer devices.  At present there have been only a few Windows 10 phones released. In April, Microsoft began offering a Microsoft edition of the Samsung Galaxy 8, which comes with Office, Outlook email and Cortana voice assistant as standard.




“Microsoft’s strategy under its current chief executive Satya Nadella is to make Microsoft apps and services widely available on Android and iPhone,” said Ian Fogg, an analyst at the tech consultancy IHS Markit.”That’s where their customers are these days”.


Considering Mr Gates’ open admission and a clear focus now on selling apps to Android and Apple, it seems even more obvious than ever that the writing is finally on the wall for the Windows phone.



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“ In 2016, Windows powered phones accounted for less than 1% of global smartphone sales. ”

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