What Would Happen If You Sat Down Forever?

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What Would Happen If You Sat Down Forever?

Jordan Letchford
October 18th, 2017

Everyone loves a good sit down after a long hard day at work. But let’s just say that one evening you sit down, and decide that you never want to get up again. You stick to your chair and you just won’t move. Will it kill you? Is it possible? Let’s find out!


Firstly, after sitting down and not moving for a bit, the blood in your body will be drawn towards your legs as gravity and your posture start to work in tandem. This can lead to the creation of a blood clot in either of your legs, which is called Deep Vein Thrombosis. If you think that this sounds bad, wait, till you here what else is in store!


A couple of days pass by and you’re still relaxing.  In fact, you may have relaxed “too hard”.  Over-relaxation can cause muscle degeneration. Although you think that you’ve just been sat down, inside your body is withering away day by day.


As you remain seated with your legs in ruin and your muscles getting weaker, your spine will start to compress. This will in part be due to the way that you are sitting. The effects of this will most likely lead to the development of an excruciatingly painful herniated lumbar disc. Not nice.




Let’s take this forward and now say that a significant amount of time has passed and you’re still glued to your chair. Whilst fighting against deadly blood clots, weakened muscles and a now ruined spine, one further change you are going to have to deal with is brittle bones. Because of your lack of activity, your bones will become very fragile, making you a sitting version of the glass-man. Scary stuff right?


As it becomes trickier to breathe, your lungs would be feeling the final stage of this seated nightmare. Because of this, you would most likely lose a lot of your mental awareness, becoming a shell of what you once were. You wouldn’t be able to move, mental awareness would be down, until eventually you would slip off into the proverbial night


Sitting down is super relaxing for many of us, and something we crave when we’ve been on our feet all day. But, just remember, make sure you don’t sit down for too long or it could have deadly consequences.



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“ A couple of days pass by and you’re still relaxing. In fact, you may have relaxed “too hard”. Over-relaxation can cause muscle degeneration. ”

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